Unpacking and Packing

Myrtle Beach is a great place to live and many people are deciding to relocate to our beautiful city by the ocean. Myrtle Beach is the home of great golf courses, ocean and waterway views and great restaurants. It is a place to relax and leave the stress behind so you don’t want to add to your stress with moving and packing.

Whether you are relocating to Myrtle Beach or simply moving across town, it can be hard work. Hiring a home organizer can help alleviated the stress and make the move fun and enjoyable. This is a time to really clean out your “stuff” and make a clean start. However, making the decisions on what to move and what to find a new home for can be difficult.

Simple Moving and Packing Tips

One week before moving day

  •  home organizationIf you have made arrangements with a moving company, you will need to confirm the actual pickup time.
  • If you are attempting to move your items yourself and have elicited the help of family members and friends, make sure they know when they need to be at your home to help.
  • Start disassembling desks, entertainment cents, bed frames etc. Make sure that all screws and bolts are in a container and clearly marked as to which piece of furniture they are associated with.
  • Be sure to safely store and mark any items that are poisonous, flammable or corrosive.
  • Create a “moving box.” In this box you will place all papers or other documents you will need in the process of relocating.
  • Contact your local utility companies to let them know what day you will be moving and when they can disconnect service or transfer the service to the new owners name. This includes electric, water and sewer and trash pickup.

Packing Tips

  • Designate a specific area in your home as the packing station. This is where you will keep all of your packing supplies such as boxes, markers, bubble wrap etc.
  • Create a portable packing kit with tape, scissors, markets and tape measures. This will help you to carry the kit with you as you pack the house. You will need more than one kit if you are going to have others help you.
  • Clearly mark all boxes as to what items are in the box. Don’t just mark as “books” but children’s books or business books. Also mark on the box which room of your new home the items will be placed.
  • Color code the boxes – if the items in the box are fragile you may want to use a red marker. Then assign a color to each room such as yellow for kitchen, green for bedroom, etc. Use color circle stickers to clearly mark the boxes.
  • Be careful with weight not only for lifting purposes, but also so make sure items don’t fall out the bottom of the box. Strengthen the box with extra tape if needed.

On Moving Day

  • Do not schedule any other activities on this day. You need to be available during the entire process.
  • Do any last minute cleaning as each room is emptied.
  • If you are not turning off the heat or air conditioning completely, make sure that the thermostat is turned off.
  • Go through the kitchen and bathrooms and make sure that all water taps are completely turned off.
  • Record the reading on the electricity, water and gas meters.
  • Double check out of the way areas such as the shed, garage and attic for any items that may have been missed.
  • Close all cupboards, bathroom drawers, and any external entrances and lock them.
  • Place your set of keys on the counter for the real estate agent.

The very best tip is to hire an organizer to help you with your move. They can organize the entire event, make sure that you are not moving items that you do not need and work with the movers to make sure that all of your valuables arrive in tact.

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