Home Organization

The purpose of this blog is to bring you great home organization tips and suggestions. Diane has been helping people just like you to create an environment that is stress free and a pleasure to come home to. She is here to help you organize your home whether you are getting ready to sell your home or your just want a clutter free environment.

Nothing relieves stress like coming home to an appealing and well-organized home. If the thought of organizing your home seems daunting – take heart! You don’t need to tackle everything at one time. Start with one room or closet and then move onto the next. Often having someone like Diane to help you get started is all you need or you can have Organizing Made Simple do it all!

Home Organization Tips

#1 Set your priorities and start small.
Organizing your entire home can be a challenge and at first it will seem overwhelming if you have a lot of clutter. You will want to start with the small things like your kitchen pantry or a bathroom to help avoid frustration. Do a little something every day and before you know it you will have an organized home. We will be posting specific tips on this website for you to follow.

#2 Add more storage space.
It is important to find a place for everything. As you are organizing your home ask yourself if you have used the item in the last few years. If the answer is “no”, add the item to a box for charity or a yard sale. Craig’s list is a great place to sell larger items such as appliances, furniture and electronic gadgets. Learn to let go of items that you or your family have not used in awhile.

#3 Start with the closets.
Home organization often starts with the closets. Empty out your closet and sort through items that you have not worn in years and donate them to The Salvation Army or Goodwill. I know that it is hard to let go sometimes but you really need to think about how you will enjoy a home that is spacious and clutter-free.

#4 Decide on what is important
Are you hanging onto old dishes, clothing you have not worn in years and broken appliances? Let go. If you happen to be a shopaholic, you will want to consider getting rid of old items before bringing home a new one. Make it a habit to let go of one item for every new item you bring home.

#5 Move frequently used items to the forefront
When you are organizing your kitchen pantry, move the canned items you use frequently to the front. The same principle holds true for shoes, your office or your kids toy closet. If frequently used items are easily accessible then you won’t be digging around to find them and creating more clutter.

#6 Use transparent containers
This tips is especially helpful in the kitchen where a lot of clutter starts. By using transparent containers you will be able to see what is inside and avoid searching for needed items. Stackable transparent containers are great for kids toys, storing sweaters and small items. You will want to label the container even though you can see inside the container to maintain an organized home.

#7 Create groups of items
To help avoid clutter in the bathroom group all of your personal hygiene items, makeup, etc into small plastic baskets or tubs and store them under the sink when not in use. This will eliminate counter clutter. In the kitchen you can group your utensils together to make it easier for you to access when needed. Organize your pantry into groups such as canned goods, condiments and pasta.

Yes home organization is possible. Organizing Made Simple will be posting great ideas for you to implement or give me a call and I will be glad to help you.

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